Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Home on a Budget

Anyone who owns a home will eventually have to give it an upgrade. More often than not, the biggest concern before starting such a venture is that it’s going to cost a lot of money. It is true that if you want to completely remodel the house, it might involve quite a large sum, but we’re talking about breaking through walls, adding rooms, and changing the whole structure of the house. If you just want to freshen it up a bit and give it a little makeover, there are plenty of budget-friendly ideas to help you do it.

You can upgrade your home on a budget by making small changes that have a big impact on how you live inside the house. These changes may seem like trifles, but their effects when combined are enough to give your home an entirely new look and feel.

Refurbish Your Cabinets

A kitchen is as important to a home as the heart is to a human being. While there are a lot of changes that you can make to remodel it entirely, there are some smaller, budget friendly changes that you can make to get it looking like new.

Instead of spending a lot of money on buying new cabinets, you can approach companies that will remove the old cabinet doors, refinish the cabinet boxes, and give you refurbished cabinets in return. You will find that it is much less expensive to have the cabinets refurbished than to get brand new cabinets, and the visible difference is negligible. You can also simply apply a fresh coat of paint to the cabinets and install some decorative handles.

Upgrade Essential Appliances

Many times, the frustration of staying in an old home stems from the slow and outdated appliances in it. You can upgrade the old dishwasher by having a new one installed from the same company. You can also grab some new kitchen appliances to give your kitchen a more modern look and feel. Another appliance which would really give your house a facelift is a new TV.

Freshen up the Bathroom

Small changes like buying a new toilet seat and installing a pedestal sink are usually enough to give the bathroom a new feel if you’re on a tight budget. You can also upgrade the look of the bathroom by installing fresh vinyl sheets over the old flooring and walls.

If you have a bathtub and shower, you can change it all and get a prefabricated tub and shower combination as well, or for considerably less work, but with great appreciation, simply get a new and modern showerhead. These are available in a variety of designs and might require help from a professional during installation, but would cost you much less than retiling the walls and changing the bathtub.

Change the Colors of the Walls

Painting the whole house together as a family is a great way to bond and is one of the easiest ways to upgrade the look of your home. It can be a cumbersome activity, no doubt, but does not require any professional experience and is easy to complete.

While painting the walls, you will have to move a lot of the old furniture around as well, and this might be a good opportunity to change the positions of some of the pieces, like that cabinet that has been sitting in a lonely corner of the room for the past few years.

Change the Lighting

One of the easiest and most impactful upgrades that you can give your home is to change the lighting. A simple change of light can liven up the mood of an entire room. This can include the outdoor lights as well as inside.

New lighting won’t only change the look of the room, but new LED lights are extremely power friendly and will help you save a substantial amount of money on electricity bills in the long run.

If you can, invest in some new accent lighting to focus light on areas that need it and to add a new dimension of décor to the house. You can also change out old lamp shades and buy some attractive looking new ones to put in their place. A good looking chandelier or a minimalistic hanging light is another small change that can improve the look and feel of your home.

In addition to these, there are plenty of other changes that you can make around your home that won’t cost you a fortune. Updating the accessories, such as throw pillows on reupholstered furniture, are simple changes to make. Be creative and your home will be looking fresh and new in no time.